PhotoReco | Photo Download and Print Service

What's PhotoReco?
-Connecting People and Photos-

PhotoReco is a photo print and download serviece and you can browse and purchase photos that shoot in photography studios or event sites.

Noteworthy points

  • 1.Browse photos via internet anytime

    An authentication key is provided via flyers issued in event sites or photography studios and enables you to browse your photos on PhotoReco. By entering the authentication key, relatives that live far can browse and purchase photos as well.

  • 2.You can choose photos taking a lot of time

    Short time is allowed for choice of photos in the case that photos are posted on a school bulletin board, but PhotoReco allows you a lot of time because photos are posted on web service.

  • 3.No limit of the number of shooting

    Because of a posting space is constrained physically, a number of posted photos of conventional selling system has a limit. But PhotoReco is a web service and has no limit of a number of posted photos. Therefore, a number of photos which are focus on a one person increases automatically. In addition, you can browse photos easily because photos are classified for every item.

  • 4.The personal information is safe because it is encrypted by SSL.

    It is not possible to browse photos unless an authentication key. Additionally we adopt SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) for safe of personal information.

  • 5.Smartphone available!

    You can browse or purchase photos by your smartphone in addition to PC.
    So you can access to PhotoReco wherever you are!

  • 6.Managing Photo Album any time by App.

    You can browse every photos you purchased as an album by using a smartphone application for both iOS and Android.