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What is PhotoReco?
PhotoReco is a photography service that sell your photos online among members who have authentication Key.
What differ from shops that sell photo materials online?
PhotoReco does not sell photos to the general public. You can only sell photos to specified person who attend events.
Can we order photos from only PC?
You can order photos from either PC or smartphone.
Is it possible to block print screen?
Before purchase,
1,disable right click and print screen
2,printed watermark on photos

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To set Event

What is sales period?
You can sell photos during that period and are able to set up selling period for up to 6month.
How can customers browse purchased photos?
customers are able to browse purchased photos on My Photo Alubum of customer log in page.
What is authentication Key?
It is 16-digit password that is given to only customers who attend events and those who attend events can browse photos.

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About upload Photos

Dose it have limit to upload Photos?
It have no limits.
Is there any caution to be aware of?
What are points to note for uploading photos?

There are some limits for uploading photos mentioned below.
1-a. Up to 15MB for 1 print of the photo data.
1-b. File format is only JPEG.
2. Up to 500 prints in 1 photo album for uploading the photo data.

Ex 1: want to upload 10,000 prints at a time.
→ Please upload them sorting into 20 albums.
Ex 2: want to upload 1,000 prints to 1 album.
→ Please upload 500 prints once and then upload again the rest of 500 prints to the same album.
What is event,category,album?
When you upload photos, you can categorize them. It has advantage of findng photos easily.
Is it possible to change order of uploaded photos?
It is sorted according to date and time.
Is it possible to change thumbnail images?
You can set your favorite photo as thumbnail by using 【Thumbnail Setting】.

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About print sale

Can we choose either print sale or data sale?
You can choose sale type freely.
Can we use print lab of our company?
Presently available print lab is only a tie-up with our company.
About photopaper
「EVER-BEAUTY PAPER for LASER」is used for photopaper to print.
what are photo paper sizes?
We provide a variety of photo papers from DSC to 10R.

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About authentication key

Where can we find an authentication key?
You can find it from【Edit Event】 of Photo Management or from【Save 】of a flyer.
What is the ways of letting people to announce?
click 【save】of a flyer.
Once click【save】button, download is start. Print it and hand it to customers.

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About orders

How to customers purchase
Either a credit card payment and a convenience store payment
What type of credit cards are able to use for payment?
Those cards listed below are able to use.
(When settled in US$, Only VISA and MasterCard are available.)
※Only one payment is accepted.
Where are convenience stores for payment?
Those stores listed below are able to use.
FamilyMart, Lawson, Daily-Yamazaki, MiniStop

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About delivery

How does delivery take place?
Prints are delivered either Yu-Mail(180yen) or Yu-Pack(780yen) of japanpost. Shipping and handling cost are included below.
・Delivery cost
・Bubble pack
・Sundry expenses
・Labor and delivery charge

Maximum printing number via Yu-Mail
L: Up to 200 prints
2L: Up to 100 prints

Maximum width of a print size via Yu-Mail
Up to 6wide. Above this size, it is delivered by Yu-Pack.

※In case that 1/ your item is included even one photo print with a 6wide size or 2/ product thickness is exceeded 2cm in various photo sizes, it is automatically delivered by Yu-Pack.
Is it possible to delivery to overseas?
Delivery is within Japan only

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About sales

When is payment?
Put money in a bank account by next month-end payment.
1,Yen Currency
Put money in a bank account by next month-end payment.
(If transfer is less than ¥1,000Yen(exclusive of tax), add it to next month sale and make a transfer to your account.

2, Dollar Currency
(If transfer is less than ¥10,000Yen(exclusive of tax), add it to next month sale and make a transfer to your account.

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About cancellation

How can we cancel the service?
Type in your name, address, a cancellation of preferred date, phone number,
Email address that you fill in when you register, and email them to us.

Photoreco Customer Support

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